What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud combines the scalability of a public cloud with the security and stability of a private cloud. It's a flexible solution that takes into account both your business processes, applications and your employees.

As a cloud provider, we're offering a tailored approach to every customer. Depending on the business case, we'll advise on an on-premise, public, private or hybrid (multi-)cloud approach that fits your needs. 

Prepare your company for the challenges of tomorrow. Let us outline the in's and out's for you. 

Public cloud

With a public cloud service like those offered by AWS, IBM or Azure, you pay for a service called IaaS. You pay for a portion of the data center infrastructure they offer for rent, let's say you pay a part of a server that you will share with others. Microsoft Azure is great for a hybrid cloud setup: besides IaaS, it also offers PaaS and SaaS features.

Our cloud experts are skilled & experienced in sizing, setting up, configuring, monitoring & maintaining cloud setups in Azure as well as combining Azure services in a hybrid cloud setup, combined with your existing infrastructure. 

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Compared to your own infrastructure, this pays off in lower costs, flexibility and scalability. By distributing your data across multiple data centers, you also enjoy a reliable cloud service.


Your data is spread across geographic areas, which means less control over data security. Even though public clouds have the most advanced security features, you need to be careful with your most critical business data. In addition, operational subscription costs (OPEX) increase rapidly when you want to upload or download large amounts of data simultaneously.

When to use

Public cloud is best used for your non-critical business applications and data or when you need a flexible and scalable cloud solution at a transparent price.

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Private Cloud

Where public clouds require you to share data center infrastructure with others, private clouds give you your own "private" cloud (what's in the name). So you can fully decide on the setup whether it is hosted on-premise or in the data center of your private cloud provider.

As a private managed cloud provider, we offer a lot of guarantees with very high up-time, high security and even more flexibility. All this can be topped off with a managed service where we are responsible for the maintenance and security of the cloud, backups, recovery, and much more. All this completed with the necessary SLAs and ISO27001 compliant. 

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Only you (and your provider) have access to your personalized cloud environment. You read that right, you can build your environment as you wish, ensuring that it is 100% compliant with your needs. Private cloud enjoys the highest possible data security, coupled with the necessary guarantees and certificates. In addition, compared to on-premises infrastructure or public cloud, you can scale back the TCO through lower OPEX over time.


Public cloud has the advantage that you can easily scale up or down when needed. Private cloud is less flexible as it costs more resources both in time and money. Because you also adjust the environment completely to your needs and use, there is also a higher cost involved. This can be partially solved by having your cloud hosted by your IT partner.

When to use

This is the ideal cloud solution for critical business data, critical business applications or legacy applications (applications you have used over the years and contain a lot of data). You guessed it private cloud can handle large amounts of data cost-efficiently and is fully configured to your needs.

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Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud doesn't just mean enjoying the best of public and private cloud. Hybrid cloud means mapping out an ideal roadmap where you configure your environment as you wish, including on-premise infrastructure (whether that is modern digital or a traditional environment), hyper-converged infrastructure and so on. In this way you can continue to benefit from your existing architecture and shift flexibly when you need to or migrate gradually to the cloud at your own pace.

The complexity is in seamlessly connecting the separate clouds (and on-premises infrastructure). That interconnectivity forms your hybrid cloud setup. A lot of factors have to be taken into account to make these connections. How well those connections are developed has a direct impact on how well your hybrid cloud works.

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Advantages of hybrid cloud

Enjoy the best of every cloud solution

Don't be limited in your options. With hybrid cloud, you choose the stability and security of a private cloud and the flexibility of a public cloud, while always keeping a transparent and predictable overview of the costs.

Fits your needs

Applications and even components can collaborate across cloud solution boundaries. Be flexible with workloads and large data volumes, or migrate gradually. Our experts are happy to draw up a roadmap based on your cloud needs.

And your needs of tomorrow 

Enjoy the full scalability and flexibility of your cloud environment. Adapt quickly to changing market conditions or take competitive advantage of innovations. Your data needs change as your business is constantly evolving. The place where your data is located now, or your application is running now, might not be the best solution in the future.

Need a customized hybrid cloud solution with no worries and no unexpected costs? 

For most companies, this is the best choice. A one-size-fits all does not exist for hybrid cloud, as the needs and situation of each company is different. In a managed hybrid cloud solution, our experts think along with your company. Not only during the set-up, but also during the monitoring, maintenance and updating of your solution. Coupled with the necessary guarantees and services, you can focus on your business, while Easi takes care of your business continuity. 

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