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A solid and continuously available IT infrastructure is more than ever crucial to enterprises. The expectations are becoming increasingly demanding which makes making the right choices even more complicated. Depending on the information architecture, current investments, ambitions and business strategy, it may be more interesting to opt for cloud solutions, for an on-premise scenario or for a hybrid environment.

Based on our experience and pragmatic, result-oriented approach, we help our customers in making the right choices for delivering modern, performant and effective IT solutions to their end users.

On premise IT infrastructure projects

What we do

Day-to-day management

Whether you are in an Intel or IBM Power environment, you can entrust system installations, migrations, and upgrades to our experts and let your team focus on more strategic jobs. You can call on these services in several proposals going from on-call interventions over support contracts to Managed Services contracts where we take the full end-to-end responsibility for your IT infrastructure.


There is no doubt that IT environments are becoming more and more complex due to the multiplication of devices and applications that are used by end users. Protecting your enterprises' assets is a key challenge for any IT responsible. We can help, thanks to our large panel of security services including GDPR-audits, Data Protection solutions, Next Generation firewalls, endpoint protection solutions and vulnerability scanning proposals.

Data replication

How you replicate your data is an important piece of your IT-environment. There are many different solutions on the market to replicate your data from one site to another. The solutions can be hardware or software based, each with its own pros and cons. We have some very strong partnerships with global leaders when it comes to data transition like Dell EMC, Syncsort (Quick-EDD), Veeam, Zerto, ... Don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to inquire about the available technologies on the market.

Business Continuity

Our Data Protection and Business Continuity offerings will bring you the guarantees for rapid recovery from incidents that would disrupt your normal business and operational processes and will ensure your disaster recovery preparedness thanks to the elaboration of a Business Continuity Plan. According to your enterprise's RTO and RPO criteria, we will offer the most suitable solution for your needs.

Hyper-converged systems

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a software-defined solution that simplifies the deployment and management of data center resources and can reduce your TCO up to 60%. The core of hyper-convergence is all-in-one computing, storage, and networking for flexible scaling. EASI is a well-recognized partner of Nutanix and VMWare (world leaders in Hyper-converged solutions) and has become an expert in the installation and maintenance of those.

Storage & Backup

A good storage and backup policy is a key ingredient to guarantee business continuity. EASI has developed experience and skill in analyzing and deploying the most efficient storage and backup solution for your company. Going from physical storage solutions over virtualized solutions to cloud-based solutions. EASI can assist you in finding and implementing the best way to store your data securely, both for Intel and IBM Power Systems environments.

Managed services

Managing more and more complex IT environments naturally becomes an almost insurmountable task. Our Managed Services offerings can help you deliver IT services faster, better, and more cost-effectively. Our added value, result-driven approach, fixed-price model and the possibility to hand over the full end-to-end responsibility to our teams (including SLA's) are the most appreciated features of our managed services.

Infrastructure Audits

Having your infrastructure inspected by specialists on a regular basis is a good practice for keeping up with the fast evolutions in IT. We offer a wide range of audit possibilities going from global infrastructure performance audits until very specific audits (network, storage, security, workload, usage, ...)

Strategic advice

In a continuously changing world, making the right technological choices is absolutely crucial for assuring the continuity and performance of your business. Our experts are ready to help you make the right choices for reaching your full potential.

Your benefits


Our system engineers and project managers are highly educated and certified in their domain, being Intel-based systems or IBM Power Systems. This ensures you of a very professional approach, as well on project management level as on the technical level.

Long term partnership

Thanks to our pro-active, result-oriented approach, we will invest a lot of time and effort in knowing your infrastructure very well. On the long run, this will result in a true partnership where we truly can think with you.

End-to-end responsibility

Depending on the type of contract, the responsibility of your IT environment can stay at your side, at our side or splitted. Our 360° approach allows us to take the full end-to-end responsibility about the actions we take.

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