Why should I modernize my IBM i applications?

Application modernization is a key topic for many customers these days. Thanks to IBM's powerful and stable IBM i (previously System i or AS/400) platform, applications that are running for decades are no exception! 

Modernizing these existing applications is a low risk and low-cost operation compared to a complete application rewrite or migration to another software package.

A modernizing project can bring your IBM i applications to today's needs: graphical UI, availability on web & mobile devices, ...

IBM Application modernisation
Hansea IBM Power i application modernization


"It's a very deliberate choice to continue developing on the IBM i platform. It allows us to carry out a transition in a very cost-efficient and step-by-step manner".


Joris Larosse, CEO, Hansea

Satisfy business needs

New-generation employees are expecting a flawless User Experience when using professional applications. Increase their productivity and motivation by offering modern, easy-to-use applications. 

Build on past investments

The IBM Power platform might be present in your company for decades... why change a platform with such a proven track record? If the application is working well and fulfilling the business needs, modernizing it to meet today's user expectations is asking a lot less effort and money than moving away to another platform. 

Implement future-proof technology

The IBM Power platform used by most of the fortune 1000 companies for decades. It's reliability and stability is legendary. It's very easy to manage and you're investing in a future-proof solution (IBM is publishing a roadmap for future developments over a period of 12 years!)

Make applications available anywhere and anytime

In today's 24/7 economy, applications have to be available and reachable anytime, anywhere. Availability on web & mobile devices is part of that. A modernization project for your IBM i applications can make them available on any platform: web, iOS, Android. 

Onboard new users more rapidely

An easy-to-use user interface will help you save time in onboarding & training processes for new colleagues. Digital natives need modern applications and availability on their different mobile devices. Make sure your company is ready for the next generations!

How can we help you?


User Interface

A modern, attractive and accessible user interface is your ticket to great user experience. Millennials and younger employees are more and more demanding in terms of UX of their professional applications: they expect a flawless experience just like they have with their leisure applications. A User Interface Modernization project can transform your traditional IBM Power (AS/400) green-screen application into a modern, responsive application that can be available on the web, iOS and/or Android! 



Modernizing the programs behind your IBM i applications is an interesting choice that has several advantages: it will be more easy for your company to attract new developers, you can make your code easier to understand (even for experienced RPG developers), and you can benefit from features that are only available in free form. Let your developers work with modern development tools



Modernizing a DB2 for i database with Structured Query Language (SQL) and datacentric programming delivers benefits that range from reduced IT expenses to enhanced developer productivity and improved application performance and scalability. A modernized database delivers both business and technical benefits. Programmers are given access to the larger toolset that SQL provides enabling them to streamline their daily development tasks as well as boost the performance and scalability of their applications.



Implementing new IBM i development tools involves a new style of programming which makes it easier to involve new developers in your processes. New development tools also make it easier for experienced developers to get started with modern programs and databases. We can provide consultancy and help you in choosing the best IBM i development tool that fits your needs. 



Our IBM i application development team is constantly growing and is based on a mix of experienced and younger profiles. We strongly believe in the future of the IBM i platform and continue to invest permanently in skills, certifications and knowledge. Feel free to contact us to help modernize your own development team: we have several offerings like training and coaching, or we can work as an extension of your own development team.

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Why work with us?

IBM Power excellence

With more than 20 years of experience in IBM Power Systems at our disposal, we can truly say we are experts in this matter. Our team is growing steadily, year after year. We're an IBM Platinum Business Partner and are not only offering application development services on IBM i but also infrastructure & cloud services around the IBM Power platform. 

360° approach

Whether you need hands-on assistance, strategic advice, training, cloud or on-premise services, system integration help or application development services... Whenever there is IBM Power in the project, we can help you.

Long-term partnership

We're known for our professionalism and work in close partnership with our customers. We don't treat customers like numbers but like to develop long-term partnerships. Our teams are close to you, talk your own language and are happy to come to your location to help where needed. 

Tell us about your modernization project!

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