Our values


At Easi, we strive to deliver the highest quality to our stakeholders, by adding value in all our interactions.


At Easi, we're convinced that caring for one another has a direct impact on our performance.


At Easi, we take ownership of all what we do in our role to achieve common goals.


At Easi, we are dedicated to the success of both our company and our stakeholders.


At Easi, we bring enthusiasm and energy in our daily work.

Our CEO's

Jean-François Herremans and Thomas Van Eeckhout both started their careers at EASI. They quickly climbed the ladder through different departments of the company. They know the company inside out, as they both started their career at Easi.
Appointed in 2019 by Salvatore Curaba to take over the company, they represent between them, more than 30 years of experience at Easi.  
Jean-François is responsible for the French speaking part of the country. Thomas is in charge of the Dutch speaking part. 



Our shareholders

We are known for our shareholdership model. Everyone who is with us for at least two years and who scores well on our values has the opportunity to become a shareholder. This is quite a unique adventure for a lot of our employees, since it's not very common to be granted this opportunity in Belgium. Today, nearly one in three employees is a shareholder, and we love the strong bonds that are created between all of us. Of course, all our employees are in the drivers seat! We welcome intrapreneurship, innovation and great ideas. Are you ready for the adventure?

"What counts is not personal success, but the success of a group as a whole"

On m'a pris pour un fou - Salvatore Curaba

New shareholders

Our founder

“I founded EASI on 26 March 1999. I was 36 years old. I had never imagined becoming an entrepreneur. As a kid, I never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, because I didn't know any myself. When I look at Easi today, its track record is unbelievable.” - Salvatore Curaba

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EASI Founder Salvatore Curaba

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Life at EASI

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Job openings

We are constantly looking for new colleagues! If you share our values and you're looking for a challenging job in Belgium's Best Workplace, send us your motivation letter and résumé, and join our team! 

Press resources

You want to read what the press says about us? Or you're a journalist looking for information about our company? Check out our press resources. 

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Jonas Herinckx
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